Many common symptoms are the result of dehydration and our therapy is designed to administer fluids, medications, and vitamins directly into the bloodstream to improve those symptoms.

There are several common symptoms and scenarios that can benefit from IV hydration, including…

  • Alcohol Overindulgence

Many of the symptoms of a hangover (headache, nausea, achiness, fatigue) can be attributed to dehydration, and often fluids combined with some nausea medication or vitamins will relieve these symptoms

  • Post workout recovery

If you feel like you have taken your workout a little too far, or if you’ve just competed in a major event, such as a marathon, often fluids will help to restore your electrolytes. Consider pre-event hydration as well for maximum performance.

  • Migraines

Many people with chronic migraines get relief from the fluids, non-narcotic pain medications, and nausea medications that we offer

  • Vomiting and Dehydration

Whether it’s from a GI bug or you think you may have food poisoning, often the best remedy are some fluids and nausea medications

  • Fatigue and Jet lag

Jet lag and fatigue are often related to dehydration. We don’t have the same eating, drinking, or sleeping patterns when we are traveling, and we are unfortunately breathing recirculated air in the airplane cabin that can get us sick. Getting post-flight fluids and vitamins can speed up your recovery from a long flight.

  • Pregnancy

Many women in early pregnancy experience some degree of “morning sickness”, though as many of us know from experience, it doesn’t have to be just in the morning! IV fluids or nausea medicine can help tremendously to rebalance you electrolytes and help you to feel better.


What to expect when you come in for IV hydration?

We will have you fill out a quick registration form, medical history, medication, and allergy form

You will be escorted to our hydration therapy room where we have zero gravity chairs, dimmed lighting, a sound machine, and pillows and blankets.

We will discuss with you any reasons why you should not get IV hydration therapy or medications, including heart failure or disease, kidney disease, specific allergies to certain medications, or current medications such as blood thinners.

We will place a small IV in your hand or your arm. If necessary we can use some anesthesia spray to make the placing of the IV less unpleasant. We will then give you IVF and any medications or vitamins that we have discussed and decided on based on your condition and symptoms.

                  Anticipate ~ 1 hour for the whole process (getting registered, getting fluids and medications) and potentially more if we decide to do more than 1 liter of fluids.